Monday, August 25, 2008

A comment from our neighbors on Canyon

I'll try to avoid the snarky comments. But having worked with LAPD as a Neighborhood Watch co-captain in the Valley years ago we were given monthly crime stats for our reporting district. It showed "pins" for the various types of crime, date and approximate time it took place in our little area. It even gave us descriptions of the suspects where it was known. All in the name of giving us what we needed to keep crime down in our little corner of LA.

I really wish MPD took the same position on informing all of us as to what is going on. It would certainly be easier for us to understand the severity and be involved in finding the solution to controlling it.

This comment was on one of the recent posts on this blog. It enumerates crimes taking place in the condos that are on Canyon and the bottom of our street. Seems we have had quite a bit bigger auto burglary spree around here than we thought.

The specific comment:
My name is Tom and I am the President of the Canyonwood Homeowners Association townhome complex. Most of our units are on N. Canyon Blvd., but we have two units at 147 Poinsettia Ave. My neighbor here on N. Canyon Blvd. reports that her car was broken in to early last Thursday morning, August 14, 2008. She had a purse and a car stereo stolen. Her car was unlocked just like one of your neighbor's cars that got broken in to on Friday, August 15th. The thieves walk up the street at around 3 AM and pull on door handles. If they find anything unlocked, they will steal whatever they can find."

When they have their blog up and running I will link to it. I'll suggest as well what other blogs they link to keep up on what is happening crime wise in the community.

Until then. Lock your doors. Set your alarms. Just simple steps that will keep the casual thief wandering around looking for an easy hit from making you his next target.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Auto Burglary on our street

We are not alone or insulated from the burglary problem in the community. This email from Renee on the latest on our street.

'Upsetting news that another one of our neighbors cars was broken in to while the car was in the driveway. This took place yesterday mid street where the street widens. The cars were left unlocked, however the culprits are bold as one car was in the persons driveway.

This recent break in tells me that we all need to be on the watch and that who ever is committing these crimes are looking for easy opportunity.

Please remember to lock your vehicles and all doors of your homes, even if you are at home in order to keep family and your property safe.

Have a Safe Weekend!

I have spoken with officers on different forces and understand our primary problem is we are complacent with security. We need to remember to lock doors and close windows. We need to watch and report what is out of the ordinary.

Compounding the problem is the bad guys know we are easy targets of opportunity. They share with each other what communities are easy targets, easy in and out to freeways with little traffic. We are a community that even San Bernardino prisoners know is easy and tell their pals in the jail.

Simple precautions will prevent most of our problems. Ignoring it and dropping our guard makes us the next victim. Unsettling, but welcome to life in the city.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

NE Monrovia daytime burglary continue.

From the Monrovia City Watch blog. He posted his block captains warning to the neighbors on his blog. This is one of several daytime home burglary's to take place in the NE part of town.

Hi everyone,

It’s serious Neighborhood Watch time!! There has been yet another burglary, this time on Monday, August 11th, at the gray house right before the tree at the top of Norumbega, belonging to Don, the trumpet player who has a Corvette. It happened between 4 and 5 in the afternoon. The suspect was an older white male who stole a computer system and some other stuff.

Suspect on the loose! Secure your homes! Be aware and report any suspicious cars or suspicious characters coming door to door who ring doorbells to see whose home. If your neighbors are not on this list, get their emails and forward it to me so we can alert others of ongoing suspicious activities.

As we've said in the past, be alert and report anyone who doesn't belong here, especially if they are where one would not expect a casual visitor to be! Then let Frank and Renee know so we can get the word out to everyone.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Burglary's in NE Monrovia Continue

I spotted this gem to the residents up on Norumbega from their Neighborhood watch that was posted on Monrovia City Watch:

There was a burglary at 1010 Norumbega this afternoon 8/7/08. The burglars jimmied the front door and got in. Not sure at this time what was taken.

There was also another burglary in the 1100 block a few weeks ago in a house just before the 4 houses that form the cul de sac. A college-aged kid heard some noises in the middle of the night, went downstairs and surprised a burglar in progress, who then ran away.

It’s a very timely reminder to report any suspicious people you see on our street! Call the police at 256-8000!


You should read the full Monrovia City Watch post for their take on the situation.

Our awareness and dilgence is needed to keep our street safe. If you see something report it. If you see unusual cars just left on the street, ask anyone if they know who it belongs too, and if it isn't identified call the police and report it as a potential abandoned auto.

Whenver you see something or are a victim yourself let Renee or Frank know so they can post here and make sure everyone is aware of what to look out for.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Home Burglary's in North Monrovia

Monrovia City Watch reports that yesterday MPD with an assist from APD rounded up and arrested 3 residential burglars up on eastern Norumbega Drive. Full story on that blog.

Interesting point made in the post is that during tough economic times burglarys increase. The need to be aware and report anything out of the ordinary is always important.

We've already seen a rash of auto burglary in the street earlier this year, take the precautions to lock up your house AND windows to secure them as well.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Street lights put to rest

From an email earlier sent to mailing list:
Dear All,

It seems that we do not have a majority vote to move forward with additional street lights for our block, so we will put this to rest.

Stay Safe,
Just a reminder as Lee and others noted you can do your own security lighting cheaply with motion detector lights for increased lighting around your home in areas you have a concern.
The best defense still is to simply lock and secure your cars and home at night as our burglary's last spring were due to unlocked cars.
As always, report suspicious activity when you see it to MPD and let your neighbors know what you saw. That will do more to slow down and prevent problems.