Saturday, April 26, 2008

Santa Anita Canyon Fire

Shane is up at the scene and called a bit ago. He reports that the fire flared up with the arrival of the sun downer winds.

I have a full report here with more detail than the major local media has at Metroblogging.LA here.

Who all remembers the last time it burned Christmas of 1999?

Friday, April 25, 2008

Petty theft/vandalism call it what you want

Very odd. In the space of maybe 30 minutes one of the "We support our Police" signs from my front yard disappeared. The holder was left, just the sign was taken. Very odd.

Coincidentally there was a tall, thin guy in his mid-twenties walking up the street when I headed off to MHS. On my way back he was walking back down the street.

He didn't live on the street. All in blue, jeans, t-shirt, ball cap. White guy, shortish dark hair pretty unremarkalbe but not someone I have seen on the street before. He was on the street between 7:40 and 8 AM.

UPDATE: I learned the person doing it is a young, middle/early high school age hispanic male on a skate board. He is a small kid and that is the most info I got. When he realized he was spotted he ditched the sign by Ron's truck up on the NW corner of the street.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wildrose recognition for a cool Dad

Wade got a little recognition for all his work over at Wild Rose Elementary yesterday.

Wade is active in the Watch D.O.G group at Wild Rose that puts Dad's and their kids on projects to make the campus a better place for kids to learn.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Win $100 iTunes kidding

The guys over at FCBlog are running a contest as they have just had comment #10,000.

The contest is simple. Comment on the post with why you should win. Include a valid email address, enter only once and you are in. It runs through Friday afternoon. If you post...tell them frazgo sent you. All the details and entry at their post 10,000 Comments: Thanks!

Monrovia PD's best idea yet: messaging crime alerts

I have to give the guys over in City Hall or on MPD that put together the mass dialing messages to the community regarding crime. By now most everyone got the message today around 1:30PM about the burglary's but here goes:

"This is an informational bulletin from the Monrovia Police Department.

Recently there have been three day time home burglary’s in the northwest corner of town. They appear to have been done by the same suspect.

The suspects described as a Hispanic male and a white male in their 20’s.. They are reportedly driving a new model Black Jeep Cherokee or Commander.

If you see any suspicious persons or vehicles matching this description please call Monrovia Police at 626-256-8000.

Together we can keep our neighborhoods safe and secure."

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Neighborhood Watch in Action

I got a call about 9:45 this morning from my cousin relaying that MPD were on the street and had a guy stopped where the street splits. I grabbed the camera and here is what I got:I talked with Garry who let me know that he was first alerted when his dogs were barking. He went to the corner of his drive and watching the guy. First thought the guy might have been one of those flyer distributors as he had two back packs. Then he saw the guy wasn't doing the zig-zag between houses.

As the guy went up towards the side of Roberto's house as luck would have it Monrovia Parking were making their rounds. The officer thought something was amiss and did a quick u-turn and within seconds MPD was on the street.

I arrived after the hands in the air and frisking and saw him on the curb. MPD did their question and answer thing and the guy left when MPD did. Obviously if the man were handing out fliers he would not have simply left.

Paying attention observing and reporting what makes Neighborhood Watch work. This time we were lucky to have MPD Parking on the street to thwart immediately.

Big Round of applause to MPD for such fast reactions.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Busy Burglars and stuff

A comment on the FCBlog post raised a few eyebrows among Monrovians:
Off topic again to inform you that four homes were burglarized in northern Monrovia Friday morning between 7:15 and 7:45.
Two on Scenic, one on Melrose and one on Highland

Just a reminder to keep your doors locked even when running off to drop kids off at school in the morning.

I'm still trying to get a call back from the city regarding the street light issue Roberto asked. No answer yet but will keep trying.

UPDATE on the local burglary: One of our neighborhood watch members informed me that a few days ago two homes were broke into on the East 200 Block of Scenic. The homes were invaded about 7:30am. The description of the vehicle was a shinny black SUV and the perpetrators were said to be Hispanic males. To my knowledge they were not caught.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Escapee's in the 'hood

If you saw a bunch of us running up to the corner by the Birkholz this morning it was for good reason. About 9AM Billy gave us a call to let us know a couple of "peahens" had showed up and were preening themselves on Ron's roof. Obviously escapees from either Arcadia or the LA Arboretum, regardless it would be interesting if they took up roost around here.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Neighbors Walking for a Cure

Two of our neighbors are walking in relays in the coming weeks to raise funds to fight cancer.

Renee Chan, also our friendly Neighborhood Watch Captain is walking with Revlon and the fight for breast cancer. This is a concern near and dear to Renee. One that she has even worked with her employer to have her HR department participate in. You may support Renee with a pledge at the link HERE on the Revlon Walk/Run site.

Most everyone remembers Lori Smith who moved off the street a couple of years ago. Lori is walking as a Survivor in the American Cancer Society relay taking place here in Monrovia later this month. You may support Lori with a pledge at the link HERE on the American Cancer Society page.

Two good people working for a good cause. Nice to see a community in action.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Crime, Signs and Stuff

A couple of things. It was brought up at the meeting some think the rash of burglary's last month may be connected to the construction on two of the homes. Officer Percy explained not likely. I asked one of our sergeants for a bit more detail on why likely not.

Our burglary's were late night, early morning hours when the construction workers were not present. Is it possible that one of the employees came back afterwards? Maybe, not likely. Our auto burglary were crimes of opportunity. Burglars know we are lax in the foothills with basic security like locking doors and leaving things in our cars and purposefully walk the neighborhoods at night checking for unlocked doors. (Arcadia Police whom I rode with recently echoed exactly the same thoughts).

If you see people looking around the day that should be here make note of it and report it. Same goes for night.

Officer Percy ran out of the plastic registration packets at our meeting. I picked up a few extra for anyone who wants one. Drop me a note here or stop by.

MPOA is making available to anyone who wants one a nifty "We support our police" yard sign. Drop me a note here or call me and I can arrange to have one dropped by your home for display.

Renee sent out the email last night with the neighborhood roster for anyone who wanted it. If you didn't get your copy and want one let us know.

Roberto, I'm in the process of checking with the city to find out costs (who bears them) and process of getting additional street lights on the street.

Frank & Renee

Ps...Contrary to a rumor going around I do NOT ever plan on running for office. IF you hear it quash it. I've been asked and turned it down earlier this year-frank