Friday, November 28, 2008

North Primrose Blogs notes increased area burglary

Hey all, it stands to reason we go shopping and the bad guys visit us or rifle through our cars looking for goodies for gift giving as well.

Home burglary in particular are on the upswing in Monrovia.  North Primrose blog notes conversations with MPD regard some specifics up on Scenic and Canyon.  The latter is too close to home so pay heed.  Read their two posts HERE and HERE.

In short lock your house.  Lock your car and don't leave anything of the car like GPS, iPods to tempt a thief.

I for one would like to seem some robo-dials on crime in the area just like the one we recently had regarding the coyote attack on the bicyclist.

Happy Holidays are here.  Who will have the most over the top Display this year?  Seems we have two really consistent ones...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Coyote Attacks, Lions and Monrovia Neighborhood Watch

I just ran a post on LA Metblogs regarding the robo-dial message we got from MPD on the coyote attack.  I have to give hats off to MPD for that message and alerting us to the hazard this poses to all of us, but the little ones and pets on the street.  

Mountain Lions continue to be a problem in the area as well.  Two have been killed in as many months.  Early September was one in Monrovia and the other was a few days ago in Arcadia. All very unnerving, especially so when you realize we have a large open field abutting the neighbors on the north end of the street.  If you see predators prowling call MPD immediately.

A final note.  Monrovia City Watch is a good source of information, and editorial regarding City Government.  To better assist all of us in monitoring crime and knowing what to watch for he has started a sub-page appropriately named "Monrovia Neighborhood Watch".  If you see a crime and and want it reported let him or me know. If you wish to remain anonymous your privacy will be respected.  

So far what has been reported shows that daytime home burglaries are continuing.  The problem with wildlife in the neighborhoods is a bit more than local news sources have reported as well.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Door-to-Door Fund Raising Scam Alert

For those of you who don't have kids in MUSD you missed a robo-dialed message from Dr. Taylor, MUSD Superintendent that we received a few minutes ago.

"Dear MUSD Families,
We have been made aware that groups of youths are going door-to-door identifying themselves as members of the MHS ROP selling subscriptions to the LA Times as a fund raiser.

It is False.  They youth are not MHS Students.  They are not associated with MHS or MHS ROP. MHS ROP has no such fund raiser in progress.

If someone knocks on your door trying to sell you a subscription turn them away.  Immediately call Monrovia PD and alert them.

Thank You,
Dr Louise Taylor"