Wednesday, April 15, 2009

At least 2 Cars "rifled" through Sunday 4/12

Ron up at the top of his street had his Lexus entered and rifled through Sunday night.  All that was taken was some small change from the center console. 

Our Focus was entered as well.  Nothing taken (nothing ever in the car including small change).  What was odd that got my attention was the fuse panel cover was off.

Both Kathleen and Ron swear the cars were locked when they parked them.  Locked via the remote controls.  Pays to double check the lock with a quick tug on the door handle to make sure.

As it happened at night we have no idea what time it could have happened.  We were lucky nothing taken.   Next time around one of us may not be so lucky.   

Interesting, it does coincide with the timing of a year ago when we had a rash of car burglary on the street that prompted the rekindling of Neighborhood Watch.

Be watchful and if you see anything unusual report it right away.


Friday, April 10, 2009

That nice lady taking notes on the street...

... she's with the Census Bureau.  You'll see a her walking around the neighborhood today and the next few days with a note pad taking diligent notes.  She's verifying addresses to make sure we all get counted.

She actually spotted our game room and needed to verify it wasn't a separate address.  No probs here, but I can imagine the problems in other areas where illegal duplex's have been set up.  Such fun.

At least she gets to have lots of fresh air and great exercise in the process!